Welcome to Freebird

Welcome to Freebird Movement!

January 11, 2021

Welcome to Freebird Movement

We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization based out of California. We founded Freebird Movement, to address the profound injustices and disparity with respect to impartiality throughout the criminal justice system. Our founders, all come from different racial, religious, and socioeconomic beginnings, and we all share the fundamental credo that, "equality isn't something earned or a privilege, it's a constitutional moral right."

Our mission, is to create an unprecedented crowd sourced database and technology platform, to prevent and remedy wrongful incarcerations, while providing support for exonerees.

Our database can be broken down into two parts: Case Analytics and Crowd Sourced Data.

Case Analytics, allows us to analyze past cases in order to catch repeated mistakes to prevent them from happening again and to analyze potential cases and find people who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit.

The Crowd Sourced Data Platform, allows individuals to help us solve and investigate cases through social media, their expertise, or their personal knowledge. This is ideal for people who want to help, but do not want to commit to long hours or a full schedule. We only reach out to Crowd Source Investigators if we believe they would be a good fit to help with a specific case or to help us raise awareness across social media platforms.

If you need help with a wrongful conviction case or know someone who has been accused or wrongfully convicted of a crime they did not commit, please reach out to us or fill out an application. Please give us two weeks to properly analyze and research your case. Please provide us as many details as possible, as details often make or break a case.

Thank you so much for all of your support,

The Freebird Movement Team

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