Free Thomas Lee Jones Jr.

Thomas Lee Jones Jr. was sentenced to life in prison + 20 years, for a crime he did not commit. Help us fight for Thomas' freedom!

April 6, 2021

Exonerate Thomas Lee Jones Jr. He Is Innocent!

Thomas Lee Jones Jr. was sentenced to life in prison + 20 years, for a crime he did not commit. Help us fight for Thomas' freedom!

What Happened

On October 27th, 2007 Thomas and some of his friends went to Club Jacksons in Statesboro, Georgia. The club had over 1,000 people there, most of whom were celebrating Homecoming Weekend, at Georgia Southern University.

Shortly after midnight, a fight broke out between Thomas' group of friends and Julius McReynolds group of friends. Both groups were kicked out of the club by bouncers.

Soon after, a man in a black and yellow shirt was seen running after Julius and his friend while firing a gun. A bullet grazed the leg of Julius' friend, causing him to fall. Julius picked up his friend, and they continued to run towards the neighboring club, Club Apex. Julius then pushed his friend out of the way to save him, prior to being struck by two bullets in his legs, and a fatal shot to his back.

Please note: Thomas had been wearing an orange shirt, because it was Halloween weekend.

Help us get Thomas back to his son! They have already missed over a decade together.

Proof of Innocence

Issues with the case
  • A police officer admitted on the stand, to starting a rumor that the shooter was wearing an orange shirt
  • During a police interview, police can be heard telling the man in the black and yellow shirt, to say something to help himself, and to name Thomas
  • Favorable evidence was not disclosed (Brady Violation)
  • He was stripped of his right to testify
  • Possible informant issues that negatively impacted the fairness of the trial
  • Multiple witnesses could not be located for trial
  • Police coercion that impacted the integrity of the investigation
Proof of Innocence
  • Thomas tested negative for GSR
  • Thomas did not flee the scene, he stuck around and spoke with police
  • Multiple witnesses explicitly named someone else as the shooter
  • Multiple witnesses refer to someone in a black and yellow shirt as the shooter
  • Multiple witnesses were with Thomas, near the exit of the club where he had parked, when the shots were fired
  • Recordings from after the trial of additional witnesses, name someone else explicitly as the shooter
  • Audio recordings of a friend of the man in black and yellow, indicate knowledge of what he and others did with the gun used in this crime

How you can help

If you witnessed the shooting at Club Jacksons or have any information regarding this case, please submit a tip here. You may do so anonymously.

Purchase a "Justice for Thomas Lee Jones Jr." t-shirt here. All proceeds go directly towards Thomas' case.

Donate in honor of Thomas here. All donations in his name, will go directly towards his case.

Sign his petition here. Once we have enough signatures, it will be sent directly to government officials, who have the power to immediately help Thomas.

Share our posts about his case. You can follow us on instagram @freebirdMVMT for the quickest updates.

If you have any additional questions, please email them to us at or use the contact page above.

Thank you for your advocacy,

Freebird Movement Team
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