Justice for Brandon Olivieri

Brandon Olivieri was sentenced to 37 years to Life for a crime he did not commit. Help us fight for Brandon's freedom!

June 15, 2022

Justice for Brandon Olivieri! He Is Innocent!

Brandon was sentenced to 37 Years to Life, for a crime he did not commit. Help us fight for Brandon's freedom!

Sentence: 37 Years to Life
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alleged Crime: Murder
Age at the Time: 16 Age Now: 20

"Trial by Media" atmosphere
Police leaked confidential information, leading to a false narrative
No evidence pointed to Brandon
Witnesses were intimidated, threatened, beaten, and lost jobs
The alleged shooter had a known history of owning and selling firearms to minors
Witnesses admitted to lying to police and in court to get deals

Brandon after he was hit by the Philly PD car and broke his wrist.

What Happened

June 21st, 2013: Brandon was hit by a police car. He broke his wrist, suffered a concussion, and temporary memory loss.

August 4th, 2016: Brandon settled with the City of Philadelphia.

October 24th, 2017: Two groups of friends got into an argument, when a gun was pulled and 3 shots were fired, killing Salvatore DiNubile (16) and Brandon’s friend, Caleer Miller (16).

The alleged gunman, Nick Torelli (15), made over 20 calls to the other kids who witnessed the shooting, immediately signed a proffer, and named Brandon to save himself.

The police then leaked Brandon's photo and address on twitter. An Internal Affairs review admitted wrongdoing and two officers received disciplinary action. That night, the Olivieri's home was "riddled with bullets." Brandon then turned himself in fearing for his family's safety.

March 30th, 2019 (week of Brandon's sentencing): an argument broke out at a Phillies tailgate over Sal's death, and Nicholas Flacco (20) was killed. He is the son of the Chief Inspector for Internal Affairs .

Tyquon "Fats" Atkins (friend of Sal DiNubile) was convicted for Flacco's death. He was temporarily incarcerated with Brandon. While there, he threatened Brandon and admitted to being one of the people who shot up his parents home, and that the 'cops knew and were down the street.'

Proof of Innocence

Issues with the case
  • "Trial by Media" atmosphere prevented a fair trial.
  • Police leaked confidential information on twitter, prompting a false narrative.
  • Witnesses were threatened, beaten, and intimidated.
  • Nick Torelli (15), the alleged shooter, had a known history of owning and selling firearms to minors.
  • Multiple witnesses admitted to lying to police and/or in court to cut deals and avoid being charged.
  • Local 98 Union donated roughly $270,000 to Judge McDermott's campaign. DiNubile's grandfather is a highly recognized member of Local 98. Judge McDermott did not recuse herself. Dinubile's grandfather worked in the courthouse.
  • Two jury members walked into the criminal justice building followed by the DiNubile family.
  • Brandon's dad was strangled in the courtroom.
  • The Olivieri's, their associates, and witnesses have been continuously harassed and threatened.
  • Underage witnesses were interviewed without parents or lawyers.
Proof of Innocence
  • Tested negative for GSR.
  • Nothing contained Brandons prints or DNA.
  • He did not match the clothing descriptions.
  • Not a single piece of evidence pointed towards Brandon.
  • Witnesses sent texts and letters indicating Brandon was NOT the shooter.
  • Witnesses sent additional letters and texts saying they were harassed or threatened by the DiNubile family and associates.
  • The only two people who indicated Brandon was the shooter, was the alleged shooter and a witness who changed their statement after being escorted to the police station and interviewed with one of the DiNubile's friends.
  • Torelli made over 20 calls to the other kids who had witnessed the shooting, right after it happened. Torelli then called Miller's mom, and when she asked who had killed her son, he hung up.

How you can help

If you witnessed the shooting at 12th and Ritner or have any information regarding this case, please submit a tip here. You may do so anonymously.

Purchase a "Justice for Brandon Olivieri" t-shirt here. All proceeds go directly towards Brandon's case.

Donate in honor of Brandon here. All donations in his name, will go directly towards his case.

Sign his petition here. Once we have enough signatures, it will be sent directly to government officials and The Conviction Integrity Unit in Philadelphia, who have the power to immediately help Brandon.

Share our posts about his case. You can follow us on instagram @freebirdMVMT or our TikTok @FrankieFromFreebird for the quickest updates.

If you have any additional questions, please email them to us at or use the contact page above.

Thank you for your advocacy,

Freebird Movement Team
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